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I do love photographs

I have always loved photography. Some of my earliest memories revolve around hours spent studying the photographs tucked away in that big press in my sitting room. Pictures I featured in, pictures taken when I was just a twinkle in my fathers eye; it didn’t matter to me. Moments captured on film were just magical to me. They gave me an insight into things words never would have. Who knows; maybe that’s where I also developed my keen interest in fashion too; looking at the outfits that were so shockingly different to those I saw around me on a daily basis provided widened my eyes and whirled thoughts in my brain.
The thought of the pictures to come often crossed my mind. What would life look like when I would be in the photographs wearing radically different clothes? What kind of picture would they paint of MY life? Would people who were in my life then

be in my pictures for years and fashion changes to come? Which new characters would enter the frame? Finding pictures of my parents taken in a photo booth early in their relationship, I wondered; who would be the man in t

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I can’t even get myself tea?!

“Pissy nickers’. That’s EXACTLY what I want to see after a day’s being stared at, left on my own, having to ask for everything and moving the weight of my body, a wheechair and sometimes heavy doors with my arms.”
This was my thought when I entered the disabled toilet in the women’s bathrooms upstairs in the hub to see ‘Pissy nickers’ written in black marker on the back cushion of the toilet. I couldn’t believe someone could have that kind of insensitivity. But then again by the time I got in there I was panting, having had to literally just push and push the wheels of my wheelchair with brute force until it eventually opened, while people messed on the couches right behind me. Yup, that’s right: I sat in a wheelchair and spent about a minute pushing the door and not one of them helped me. This was also after searching the Henry Grattan for a

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