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Top 10 Student Buys at Aldi (in no particular order- it’s just all wonderful)

I’m taking a leaf from the wonderful blogger “Thrifty Mammy”’s blog and posting the top ten student buys at Aldi; in my personal opinion.

Whole Baby Carrots (in a jar)
Now that I look at their actual title it seems a bit sinister. Anyway these are an absolutely perfect student buy because we all know that we should eat more vegetables but we all know that there are weeks where you end up in places where there’s free pizza a few nights of the week, you’re not in the mood for veg or you’re just not bothered cooking and before you know it; your vegetables are gone off. This product solves that problem by keeping them in a jar of water, sugar and salt (in that order). They also solve the “not bothered” problem to some extent  because since they’re baby carrots there’s no real preparation needed; just chuck them in whatever it is you’re cooking. Oh and they’re 89c 😉

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