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Power, Pain and Phoebe Prince

Last night I watched a documentary on Phoebe Prince on TV3 and felt rage. Pure, red, rage. A 15 year old girl ended her own life. No college, no career, no wedding, no kids. Why? Because she was an easy target for some insecure girls who weren’t stopped by the numerous people with the power to do so. It’s just the typical narrative really, isn’t it? With great power comes great responsibility. The universal problem with this universal truth lies in the fact that countless members of any given community have power but in any given community a select few of those in possession of power are willing to take responsibility.
Power. It’s at the heart of it all. The heart of life, the heart of greatness and the heart of evil. If you encounter another h Continue reading


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Back with the Wrinklies

As of today I find myself in the same situation as so many of my age and occupation: back home with the wrinklies. “The Wrinklies” being a term of endearment; I love my parents. Of course this is not merely a change of co-habitués, it also means the change from busy, bustling Dublin to quiet Kerry, a complete change of social group, the loss of a room in my name and in m

y case the loss of a boyfriend, at least in the physical sense; he lives in Carlow, I live in Kerry, but for 9 months of the year we both live in DCU. As you can probably tell, I was happy where I was. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I wasn’t looking forward to coming home; it certainly has its advantages, but I was snug as a bug in a rug; one might say.

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