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Get him to the Greek- SPOILER WARNING (though I don’t think there’s too many…..)

I cannot praise “Get him to the Greek” enough. What a smart, well written, well executed parody of the celebrity world and all its vapidness. Funnily enough when I arrived home from the cinema “Grumpy old men” were commenting upon how back in the day a Catherine Zeta Jones story replaced the Iraq war as the front page story. The depictions of Brand’s relationship with his on screen wife were so true to celebrity culture in reality (whatever that is); they’re on they’re off, they’re on, they’re off, they’re sober, they’re drunk, they’re addicts, they’re clean….. and somewhere in the middle of it all there’s a child. The public reaction to “Africa Child” (ie, being “the worst thing to happen to Africa since Apartheid”) reminded me of the public reaction to Heather Mills around divorce time. Aldous however calmly talked to Aaron on a plane rather than wailing on a morning talk show. Though admittedly, that would’ve made for another great scene. The hilarity in Jackie’s song “Ring Round” (blatantly about anal sex for those who have not seen the movie) lay in the fact that it was not that far from reality with “artists” such as Kesha singing lyrics like “come put a little love in my glovebox”.


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