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My first video Blog- Braces: Not that bad!


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The only love we ever keep is the love we give away

True love stays with you for a lifetime. The love he has given me will stay with me forever and for that I am ever grateful. Loving him has been the best experience of my life and if we had had the most horrible, unpleasant break up (which, clearly we haven’t) it wouldn’t make me take back the last four years.

It is because of this love that we shared that I realise I need to let him go. We have been together since we were eighteen years old. When we first met, Rudi was someone who didn’t know much about himself. He didn’t know who he was or what he wanted to do with his life. I helped him figure a lot of this out and get to where he is today but now he needs to explore more on his own. Without the crutch of my constant love, affection and advice; without thinking for two. And I understand that. And while of course it broke my heart, I knew I had to let him go, and I wanted to. Because I love him. Loving someone means you want them to be the most them they can be. To shine, to be happy, to enjoy themselves. I wanted to because our relationship was wonderful and to continue when his heart wasn’t in it would be a disservice to everything we ever shared. I wanted to because I would never stay with someone who wasn’t sure that I was what they wanted. I wanted to because I deserve love.

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