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Arriving in the land of ridiculously large portions


The Flight

Flying with British airways was a good experience overall but this blog post would have a very different tone had the following story had a different ending. We arrived in Heathrow airport for our connecting flight (hours early I might add) only to be told they didn’t currently have seats for us on the plane and we may have to spend the night in London and get a flight the next morning. How in an age of computing an airline overbooks a plane, I’ll never know. Their only advice was to go to the gate about an hour before the flight and speak to the flight attendants when they arrived. Luckily when we did, they said they did have seats for us. Emergency over. Why it happened in the first place I don’t know.

Have to say I didn’t find the flight over long or boring at all. Of course number one reason being I had my best friend with me, but British Airways made it quite the pleasant experience with the blanket, the pillow, the good movies and loads and loads of food. Literally, about once an hour!


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