A Brief Blog of Tips on Boston

Boston Harbour
Two years ago I spent a month in Boston and last week I spent 5 days there. Here are the tips from my experiences!
1. Use the T- I have a friend who works in tourist attractions in Boston and told us that a lot of visitors use their trolley tickets to get around. This is expensive, inconvenient and unnecessary- especially for somewhere with such a great transport system. The T covers a huge area of Boston, it’s quick, comfortable and cheap. There is a flat fare of $2 for any journey. The best way to use the T is with a Charlie card, which can be obtained at T stations or 7/11’s. There are also multi trip options which can be very economical
2. If you have a smartphone, I recommend using the Trip Advisor downloadable city guide for Boston and using it to do the Freedom Trail. You get to do it at your own pace and free of charge! It’s a fantastic way to see the city
3. Use Groupon to find offers. We used it to get a Trolley Tour, Harbour Cruise and walking tour, all for $37 for two people.
4. Go to a Dunkin Donuts and get a Boston Cream donut. When in Rome. And it won’t be hard! There are Dunkin Donuts almost literally on every corner in Boston. The famous Boston Cream is cheap and delicious at this New England chain. If you want to have a more sophisticated Boston Cream I recommend the Top of the Hub restaurant in the Prudential centre where you can gaze out at the beautiful Boston skyline while you dine. However, it must be said that this restaurant is pretty pricey- particularly if you want to get more than just desert
5. The North End. A trip to Boston would not be complete without a trip to the Boston’s Italian Section. Walk through the European esque streets to the smell of garlic and herbs. And while you’re there be sure to stop into the famous Mike’s pastries for a cannoli. There may be queues out the door day and night but the staff are well used to dealing with this so the queues don’t last long
6. Eagle’s restaurant. I was staying near Coolidge corner and this restaurant became a regular for my friends and I. The burgers and fries there are literally the best I have ever tasted. Reminiscent of that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall spends his time searching for the best burger he’s ever tasted.
7. The Boston Tea Party Museum. I visited this on my second trip to Boston. While entry is pricey I would definitely say it’s worth it. The Museum really gives a sense of a pivotal point in American History. The staff were all stellar and the tea rooms and gift shop at the end are a tea lovers dream.
8. Everything else I would recommend:
-the MFA
– The Aquarium
– Shopping on Newbury street
– Shopping in the Prudential
– Relaxing in the Common
– Spending time by the Harbour
– Boloco restaurants
– The Skywalk (at the top of the Prudential)
– Taking a quick wander through Boston Public Library
– The Coolidge Corner Cinema
– Whale Watching
– A Harbour Tour

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