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Feminist Review: Oz The Great and Powerful

I sat there and enjoyed Oz: The Great and Powerful. Until my feminist light came on and I felt much like my friend and fellow blogger Laura Canning in this post. I guess the 15th mention of how valuable a woman’s beauty is was just too obnoxious to slip by.Image

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In the world of Oz, female characters are there purely to facilitate, or espouse the values of a man. I’m not one to usually buy into the manic pixie dream girl theory posited by Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian. I certainly disagree that it applies to 500 Days of Summer’s Summer Finn, and I’m skeptical that it applies to Garden State’s Sam. But Glinda the good witch is the definition of this trope. Simply a character to sit there, look pretty, be told repeatedly how pretty she is, and puff up James Franco’s ego by constantly telling him how wonderful he is and how he and he alone will be the answer to her, and her entire people’s problems.  Continue reading



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