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Movie Fest 2012- Announcements, Previews, Trailers, Paranorman, Stitches, Pitch Perfect, Premium Rush, Hit and Run, Looper

By far the most exciting announcement coming from Movie Fest 2012 for Irish cinephiles (particularly those who inhabit Dublin) is that soon Ireland will have our very own imax theatre in Cineworld Dublin. On the Irish film scene otherwise, Lenny Abrahamson’s ‘What Richie did’ looks to be difficult in the best possible way, and captivating.  Neil Jordan appears to be bringing us another exciting development in a return to the vampire genre- ‘Byzantium’ looks like a refreshing change to recent vampire fiction, bringing a strong female lead (going by the trailer). Unfortunately I cannot say the trailer for a new Australian film starring Chris O Dowd, ‘The Sapphires’ excited me in any way. That said, we all know how misleading trailers can be.

In international stakes, my jaw hung open during the entire ‘Life of Pi’ preview. The CGI is like nothing seen before (particularly the amazingly life-like CGI tiger), and the visuals in the shipwreck scene perfectly captured the vast, terrifying nature of the sea. This is a film not to be seen on a small screen. The other lengthy preview movie festers were treated to was the seasonal children’s film ‘Rise of the Guardians’. The first ten to fifteen minutes appeared to be standard children’s fare, entirely unsuitable for the movie fest audience, so it came as a surprise when, by the time the preview ended, there was an audible ‘awwww’ from the audience. This film is sweet, funny, and entertaining. A perfect family film, I just can’t wait to watch the whole thing with my nieces. On the other hand, Tinkerbell was just that- entirely unsuitable for the audience. I have no idea why the trailer was shown. On the upside it did become the running in-joke of the festival.

One of the greatest joys for me personally was seeing the alternate rom com on the rise with trailers for films like ‘Celeste and Jessie Forever’. Less schmultz, more realism- yay!

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