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Letter for my Niece(I advise only the sentimental read this :))

Dearest Sarah Louise,

Welcome to the world 🙂

You were born very early on the morning of Saturday the 12th  of December to many who had long awaited your arrival. You must’ve been very comfy in your mom’s tummy as you stayed for a very long time!

You already have very long fingers and toes and a full head of hair. You sleep most the time and open your eyes occassionally.

There are Christmas decorations everywhere, Christmas ads on the TV and Christmas music on the radio. This will always remind us of that special time of the year when you arrived.

You were born just 11 months after your cousin Adam and  8 months after your cousin James. Christmas time with your family should be fun, I am sure you will have a ball with your new playmates! Continue reading


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