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Power, Pain and Phoebe Prince

Last night I watched a documentary on Phoebe Prince on TV3 and felt rage. Pure, red, rage. A 15 year old girl ended her own life. No college, no career, no wedding, no kids. Why? Because she was an easy target for some insecure girls who weren’t stopped by the numerous people with the power to do so. It’s just the typical narrative really, isn’t it? With great power comes great responsibility. The universal problem with this universal truth lies in the fact that countless members of any given community have power but in any given community a select few of those in possession of power are willing to take responsibility.
Power. It’s at the heart of it all. The heart of life, the heart of greatness and the heart of evil. If you encounter another h Continue reading


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You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one

Imagine a world without imagination…really I think I could just finish the article there, but that would make for a bit of a disappointing piece wouldn’t it?
I bet imagination is a word you heard a lot when you were a child but not so much recently. And children are the prime example of the importance of imagination. Children have wonderful aura, which creates an atmosphere most people can’t help but be affected by. The reason for this is children have yet to be taught to be cynical. Their imaginations have yet to be beaten down to size by the hard truths of life. They can still imagine a world without war, poverty and pain. With the blink of an eyelid they can visualize one day having everything their heart desires, unlike everyone whose aura has shrunk bit by bit over the years. We need to spend thousands of euro on TVs, DVD players, daily newspapers and flights to far away countries with accommodation to match.  Our younger counterparts can be entertained by something as simple and economical as a cardboard box. Some would see this as something to be laughed at; I see it as something to be admired. With the colourful imagination a child possesses, they need never be bored. Continue reading

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