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A Brief Blog of Tips on Boston

Boston Harbour
Two years ago I spent a month in Boston and last week I spent 5 days there. Here are the tips from my experiences!
1. Use the T- I have a friend who works in tourist attractions in Boston and told us that a lot of visitors use their trolley tickets to get around. This is expensive, inconvenient and unnecessary- especially for somewhere with such a great transport system. The T covers a huge area of Boston, it’s quick, comfortable and cheap. There is a flat fare of $2 for any journey. The best way to use the T is with a Charlie card, which can be obtained at T stations or 7/11’s. There are also multi trip options which can be very economical
2. If you have a smartphone, I recommend using the Trip Advisor downloadable city guide for Boston and using it to do the Freedom Trail. You get to do it at your own pace and free of charge! It’s a fantastic way to see the city
3. Use Groupon to find offers. We used it to get a Trolley Tour, Harbour Cruise and walking tour, all for $37 for two people.

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