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Top Apps for Travel

1. Google maps 

Getting to where you want to go. It’s handy

2. Tripit

Words can’t describe how amazing I think this app is. It pretty much acts as your personal assistant for your trip, making everything that bit easier. When you get all those emails you do when planning a trip (flight confirmations, hotel confirmations, etc.) you simply forward them all to Tripit and it puts all relevant information into an itinerary for you. The itinerary is organised by date, and makes it much easier to visualise and therefore organise your trip. Another benefit is you can share this itinerary with whoever you like so rather than typing out numerous emails and texts, you simply add your friends and families email address to the itinerary and voila, everyone is kept informed! Also, it saves the headache of looking through different email formats while frantically pulling a suitcase through an airport. Tripit presents you with the information (including, may I add, contact info- how handy!) you need there and then in a clear and simple way

3. Trip advisor

Where to stay in Toronto? Reading 47,382 reviews of 259 hotels seems like a pretty good way of figuring it out. TripAdvisor epitomises what the internet does for travel. All the information you could possibly want, and all for free. Lists upon lists of where to stay, where to eat, what to do, and in all different categories. Want to see the best hotels? Go ahead. Cheapest? Yep they have that too. Don’t have much time to research? Trip Advisor has guides such as ‘3 days in Toronto’, containing the cream of the crop your chosen destination. This is all done in an easy to use interface. It also uses the traditional star ratings, so you can get a good idea of anything at a glance.

Did I mention it has maps? And if you have the app you can ask it about the area nearby? And then ask it to point you to where you want to go? I could go on. Just use it!

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